Sugar Gliders Galore


Thank you for visiting the nursery.  Here are some of our available joeys.  Their lineage is on the Petglider database if you have breeding rights.  From time to time we have older joeys and some young adults available. Call or email to reserve your baby. Pet pricing is available.
Gray joeys males and females $200.00
White Faces males and females $250.00

Female and Male Caramel   $350.   Pet $300.00

Leucistic  females and males       $500.00  each  Male Pet $350.00
Female  Mosaic  

Male Mosaic leu het     $500.00  Pet $400.00

Male  Mosaic Plat/Leu het


Black Face Black Beauty males and females $700.00
 Creme-ino 100% leu het    $500.00  

Platinum 100% leu het Female and  Male  $500.00  Pet $350.00 neutered males