Sugar Gliders Galore


This is my personal opinion on the care for my gliders.  Cage sizes varies, you want enough space for your glider to climb and have room to exercise.  Gliders are curious and adventurous.  They love toys and tunnels. They like to climb on toys and plastic chains. I use toys that can be washed and easily cleaned.  There are toys made for gliders and some bird toys work well.  Plastic toys are better for your cage rather than wood.  Wood can cause unwanted odors due to their absorption of urine and other substances. It is best to avoid wood all together when purchasing toys and supplies for your sugar glider. Other options include: plastic, or fleece.  Even decorations such as branches should be the plastic alternative.  Gliders love to snuggle in their fleece hanging pouch.  I give them a couple of extra pieces of fleece 4 X 4 inch squares.  They will put them in their sleeping pouch themselves.   The temperature for the Glider and the surrounding environment should be kept at a normal 70-80F degree range.  Refrain from keeping the cage in front of a window or anywhere where there is direct sunlight or frequent temperature variations.
Additional items:
Water Bottles or Water Dishes
Food Dishes
Fleece sleeping  pouch 
Additional out-of-habitat supplies include:Portable Pet Carriers (for trips or visits to the vet) 

Never take your glider outside without being in a secure carrier
Bonding Pouches with mesh window (to be worn around owner’s neck)
Here is an example of a glider's home with plenty of colorful toys and actives for them to play, interact and exercise.