Sugar Gliders Galore


Sugar Gliders need time to acclimate to new smells and sounds of new environments. It is important when bringing a sugar glider home for the first time to leave it alone for the first 2 days no matter how old they are. After you have waited for your sugar glider to get used to its new environment, you can slowly introduce a training schedule. Begin training with pocket time or bra time. Pocket time consists of placing your new pet in a closed pocket  of your shirt in order for it to get used to your heart beat, breathing,and voice.  You should have pocket time about 2-4 hours a day starting in the afternoon before they begin their nocturnal play. Do not leave your sugar glider in your pocket for more than 3 hours. Another way to get your sugar glider to bond with you is to wear a small piece of cloth around with you all day to collect your scent then place it in the sleeping pouch for your glider to sleep with. All of these steps will allow your sugar glider to feel secure and move on to other steps of training. The next step of training consists of picking up your glider. The correct way to pick them up is to wrap your fingers around their stomach and pull them into a cup position in your hands. Do not grab them by their tail. If they start to bite, roll them up with their face toward their belly and hold them still until they become calm. Do not jerk around or introduce too much movement. Also, if they bite, it is important to keep handling them and calm them without putting them down. They will feel like it is okay to bite if you put them down every time they try. You have to maintain the boss role in the relationship with your sugarglider. If you cup them in your hands until they are calm or sleeping, the nipping should decrease.  The final step in training your sugar glider consists of teaching them not to leave your body.  In order to do this, pick a small room in your home and place blankets or towels at the bottom of doors to block escape routes and close any toilets or windows. Then allow your glider to walk across your arms, shoulders, lap, head, etc. If they leave your body, immediately pick them back up and place them back on your body. This shows them their limits. If you allow them to roam an open room, they will think they can do this at any time and in any environment. You will know that this training process is working if you keep testing this in small rooms of your home and your sugar glider stays on you at all times. If they become frightened, have a pouch or pocket of your shirt available for them to crawl inside. Depending on the glider it can take a month or longer for your glider to bond.  I always tell a new glider owner you will get what you put into your glider meaning the more time you spend with your glider the more social and bonding your glider will be.  Remember gliders are exotic animals,they are not like bunnies or kittens.  You have to earn their trust and give them your love.